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I’m just back from a scouts camp over the weekend. Completely knackered but feeling happy. I was talking to the kids and asking them what they enjoyed about the camp and what they didn’t. They were talking about how their team wasn’t interested in teamwork and were constantly bickering. Then the topic went to the other kids they shared their room with. My son said, “one of the boys in my room was Nathan who got so many awards”. My daughter mentioned how Nathan got an award for being brave and courageous for doing the crate climbing activity when he was absolutely scared of heights. Then she said “Amma you could have done it, because you don’t like heights and you could have got an award too” I started laughing and I said but I didn’t want an award, then she asked ‘Amma if I had said that I was scared of climbing would I have got an award? (She is a rock climber so there was no way that she is scared of heights)” I asked her why she wanted an award and the topic went back to the best cub award. My son turned around and said “You know what, M should have gotten the best cub award for the camp” I was really really surprised. I asked him why and the two of them together said “She was very sweet and nice to everyone and helped everyone” I realised then that they actually didn’t care about getting an award for themselves. There was no competition, no pressure to feel good, nothing. It was just about having fun and doing things right and being curious.

PS: The said child M has behavioural issues and I was surprised that she could even come to the camp. The child is heavily on medications and needs melatonin to even sleep. But my children who didn’t know any of the histories of the child could see the kindness that was in her  So happy that I chose to homeschool my children and not put them under peer pressure and competition and just enjoy the moment.

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