As the year ends…


It is well past midnight. I sit here reading random things and not wanting to sleep. The long evening nap I had today has nothing to do with this. Everything is quiet and all I can hear is the slight humming noise from my laptop and the noise my keyboard makes as my fingers dance on them making a beautiful string of words.

The window is open. It is strange for me to have my window open in December. But I have mixed feelings today. I am warm but still feel the need to have two hot water bottles by my feet. I can understand why son was a bit all over the place today as well. Probably all of us are going through a phase. Not sure what phase it is though.

I feel the cool breeze on my bare arms. I kind of sniff automatically to see if I can smell wet sand, the kind you get when it starts to rain. I forget that I hardly smell that here as it rains all year long.

I want to fly, go somewhere nice and quiet and do nothing, just read a book maybe and laze around and eat healthy and tasty food and not worry about anything.

The year is coming to an end. Does it make a difference anywhere? Will things change drastically on New Year’s day? I have no clue. But I am changing, a little, a lot… One thing at a time and I am not the same person that I was the last year or even last month or even yesterday.

I know my randomly rambling away here. I will stop now. I just wrote this because I felt like writing something, like finishing off the year on a positive note.

Good night everyone.

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