I found my tribe

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I am 45 years, six months and something days. And yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I found my tribe finally. I have had friends, best friends, close friends, family, acquaintances and I am known to be generally quite friendly and I am a person who can talk to a random person on the street.

It struck me this morning how as a poppy I have always been misunderstood. And today in an online group of poppies, I feel perfectly happy. This is my tribe with its quirks. This is me. I can understand what they say and they, me.

I am not for labels, I am not for putting people into boxes but I realise that my brain is wired differently and a lot of what I do is not understood by people. A simple act of trying to be there for someone was misunderstood by the person as taking up all their time and space. I went into my shell hurt because I knew what exactly I wanted to do and it was nowhere close to what the other person as thinking. But here I am in this group of people that I have never met but only online conversations for a good while now and the posts there always bring a smile on my face because that would be me.

I hope each one of you find your tribe too and let go of what was not yours and embrace joy and happiness

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