Thank you!

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To the lady that walked to me in the mall and shook hands with me and asked me if I would like to share some fish she had bought, thank you!

Just to explain to others what happened. It is my little girl’s birthday tomorrow so I took her and my son out shopping. As we walked into the supermarket, my kids were telling me that I should use real coconut milk rather than the store bought ones for their aapam for breakfast tomorrow morning. Saying this we walked into the fresh fish section. I usually ask them if they would like fresh fish and buy what they ask for.

This time there were sardines and  I know my son likes sardines. He was super excited so I decided to buy them. I asked the guy at the counter how much it costs. He said something and I know whatever it costs, I would have bought it anyway. I asked him for about 10 sardines (just for the kids) and as he was weighing them I realised they were not so fresh after all and when I mentioned that to him, he said he had the best 9 pieces (which I realised weren’t so best after all when I came home and cleaned them) for me and would pack them. I did hear a lady beside me buying monkfish. For a moment I thought monkfish would be good to have in a fish curry. But then walked around the supermarket, randomly picking things and yapping away with my kids.

When we finished our shopping we came out and continued our fun banter when I heard someone call me. I turned back to see this lady with her two grown-up children. I felt lost because I did not recognise her as someone that I knew. I stopped anyway. She came to me and said “Hi” and shook hands with me. I smiled back at her still wondering if I knew her from somewhere. Then she said, “I saw you buying fish, do you like fish?” I found that a strange question. Of course, I like fish. Why else would I buy some? But I smiled and said “Yes’. Then she asked me if I liked Salmon and I said yes I do. She said, “I brought two pieces would you like to take one?” I found this kind of strange. I just managed to ask, “Why ?”. She said, “No particular reason, I just felt like it”.

Then she went on to look into her bag to get the salmon for me when she realised that the fishmonger had put both the pieces together in one pack. So she asked me if I would like to take Monkfish. That is when it hit me. She probably thought that I couldn’t afford to buy fish and that is why I bought the cheap fish which wasn’t best and she wanted to do me a favour. That was super sweet of her to do what she did. It was just that we love sardines and that is why we bought it, not because it was cheap.

I said if she had extra fish, she could freeze it anyway and she had two grown-up kids and I am sure they would gladly eat it and walked away after thanking her for her kindness.

It was such a beautiful gesture. Thank you! (And by the way, even though the sardines weren’t fresh, they are gone already! )

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