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I am breaking my self imposed ban on posting complaint posts!

I am just back from a hospital appointment for which I had to wait one and a half years for a start. Then I go in to find out that none of the documents my GP had to send in was there in the hospital. Looks like they misplaced my son’s referral and also all the other papers that had to go with my son and my daughter’s referral.

I had asked for an assessment for a couple of things, the doctor I was sent to after all this was doing physical exams, asked if they were healthy, eating healthy if they had constipation and because everything was ok I was sent away asking to come back after a year!

On top of this, she said she would recommend my kids to go to school. She had no clue what homeschooling was. When I told her that my kids were not locked up inside the four walls of the house and that my kids did climbing, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, chess, board games, scouts and academics with the Center for Talented Youth she turned around and congratulated my husband on being organized and keeping everything in order!

If anything I was the one who worked hard to get this hospital appointment, to get to each session that they get outside home, to drive kids, to make sure the payment for each class goes in on time, etc. Why is it the man is praised and the woman who does everything is not even looked at and that too by another woman? When will things ever change?

OK. Rant over! I have to go back to supporting my kids now, while their father is stuck in another endless meeting…

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