Happy days

When there is an oxytocin rush because you are happy and the weather is good work gets done much quicker. I wish I was always this happy!

Do coconut trees grow in Ireland. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of plants will tell you the answer is no. But of course, we do not listen to others, right. When I brought my little coconut tree I was warned that it was a coconut tree and not a coriander plant. I knew I had to dig three feet to put it in and have sandy soil as filler. I was looking at sitting in a pot inside for the past few days and today because I was in a good mood and I had finished my work early I thought I will get to this.

I had done nothing other than spending some time in the community garden this year. My garden has been uncared for. Today I was going to change that. My impending trip also means a few plants from plants had to go into the soil so they will survive until I come back at least.

Even though I had not done much in the garden, I still had to pull out the last few carrots, beetroot, onion, which I had planted earlier. My unloved strawberry patch was looking sad. I had planted peas and got some of them growing. I also have thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil (which was transferred to the soil today), spinach, chard, mint, spring onion, etc. So today I got up and cleaned up my garden space, not too much but yes I did. I got the coconut tree on to the ground. Cleared the veggie patch and a bit of the strawberry patch, put my chrysanthemums on the soil and cleaned up my succulent plant tower.

A lot of hard work done, hope to get some good sleep tonight after all that.


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