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Happy days

When there is an oxytocin rush because you are happy and the weather is good work gets done much quicker. I wish I was always this happy! Do coconut trees grow in Ireland. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of plants … Continue reading

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  Somedays more than others My mind craves for you A simple conversation Of anything under the sun Could make me feel better, Not that I feel bad Or sad, or lonely It is just that I miss you Maybe … Continue reading

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Camps, competitions, and awards

  I’m just back from a scouts camp over the weekend. Completely knackered but feeling happy. I was talking to the kids and asking them what they enjoyed about the camp and what they didn’t. They were talking about how … Continue reading

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Please sign my petition After my previous post, I decided to work on the issue, wrote to a few more people and created this petition. I am thankful for all those who have signed, I am sure more of you will sign it … Continue reading

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A little note about homeschooling!

When people ask me if anyone and everyone can homeschool, my answer is always “NO“, with capital letters. It is not about how educated the parent is, what is the economic status of the parent or whether the parent has … Continue reading

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I’m back

  It is 16th of September a month and half gone and I haven’t written anything, at least not here. As I sit here and think today I realise the past month and a half has been a rollercoaster ride … Continue reading

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Florence to Florence via Sardinia!

Have had a writer’s block for the past few days so am just going to put photos now!  

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